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PHL Approach:
Next requested set of maps. Document with Sector Names to be released soon.

There are a lot of sectors/frequencies missing from the high altitude chart, it looks like it only has the ultra high sectors on it. Is there another high sector chart that includes the rest of the high sectors ? DJ

PHL Approach:
I made these based off two sources of info. I had to match the two sources up. There are two maps Low and High. It's quite hard to match up the UH/SH sectors. I'll try to look into it.

This should update the high chart ....

Sector 16 (under Sector 86) FL270 to FL340 = 125.175

Sector 17 (under Sector 85) FL240/FL270 to FL340 = 135.625

Sector 47 (under Sector 48) FL240 to FL340 = 124.075

Sector 50 (under Sector 49) FL240 to FL340 = 135.975

Sector 66 (under Sector 65) FL240 to FL340 = 127.875

Sector 68 (under Sector 67) FL240 to FL340 = 126.125

Sector 75 (under Sector 76) FL240 to FL330
- extends north and covers overtop the same area as Sector 57

Sector 78 (under Sector 87) FL240/FL270 to FL340 = 133.875

Sector 87 = 132.825

I think that should be right, any corrections/updates appreciated.


PHL Approach:
So something like this? Could you do me a favor and list out the UH and HI. So that I can split the maps. As I assume I put some HI's and UH's together on that other map?

BTW, as for the 87/78 frequencies. Im showing Sector 78 - 132.825, Sector 87 - 133.875 in the SOP...


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