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Interactive Map of ARTCC / RCAG Transmitter Sites w/frequencies

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I've created an interactive map displaying 696 ARTCC / RCAG (Remote Center Air/Ground) transmitter locations.

The map defaults to view all centers, or you can use the pull down menu and choose just the center you're interested in.

If you click on the transmitter site a window will appear with the frequencies being used at that site.  If you zoom in on the site you should be able to see the antenna farm in most cases.

You can check it out at


Great job George!  If I come across any changes in my area (ZNY, ZDC and ZBW) would you like me to pass it on to you so you can update your site?


Thank Ron,
Yes, please any corrections I would like, freqs, locations etc....

The source I used to generate this map is a good source, but not perfect.  Know of a couple frequency errors for ZJX, but the Percent Error of the data is pretty small...


Thank you George!

Looks good. One thing I noticed is the ZUA sites are in the wong location. They're showing up SE of Hawaii. Just by eyeballing it I'd guess the longitudes of th sites were entered as west rather then east.


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