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I have a database of (what I think is all) the ARTCC (Air Route Traffic Control Center) radar locations. I have put all the lat/long's on this clickable and scaleable map.

If you turn on 'Satellite' view and zoom in on a location you can actually see the radar site.

You can view the ARTCC Radar map here:


Looks like you're missing Guam . I think San Juan (Puerto Rico) has an ARSR as well.


--- Quote from: sykocus on October 29, 2013, 02:23:16 PM ---Looks like you're missing Guam . I think San Juan (Puerto Rico) has an ARSR as well.

--- End quote ---

I just checked the datafile which I got from the FAA website.  Neither Puerto Rico Guam are listed in their datafile.  The datafile I used was updated in July 2013.

Not to say there aren't ARTCC sites there, it wouldn't be the first (or last) time a current FAA datafile didn't have all the info.


Yeah that's the way it goes. If you look at the FAA's list of radar facilities neither Guam nor San Juan are listed, but they do exist.

I can say with 100% certainty that there is an ARSR on Guam. It's located right here

San Juan was a shot in the dark. It looks like there was bid to build one in 2009.

Nice work!

On your web page you said you aren't sure how long the software to display your data will be available.  If you think Google Earth will be around longer, you could try that.  Google Earth uses KML-format files for place marks, which contain longitude, latitude, and altitude surrounded by some KML tags in a text-format file.  Wikipedia has a short sample, and links to the full standard.  Copy Wikipedia's example code and paste/save to a file with a KML extension (e.g. NY.KML).  Open that file in Google Earth and there will be a place mark in Lower Manhattan.

For your project you would need to create multiple Placemark tags, which should be relatively easy with a word processor (use text format!).  Your data will have to be in, or converted to, decimal degrees.  The sample tag is for approx. 74W, 40N, 0 feet:

I don't know if something other than the yellow push-pin style placemark can be displayed, or if data categories can be selected as you have done with the various radar types, but my guess is those features are available.



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