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  This topic has to do with radio communications with Boston ARTCC.  I was wondering why sometimes you can hear the Boston ARTCC controller and the pilot but on other feeds you can only hear the pilot. I was listening to the Islip feed and you could hear the Boston Center Controller. Where exactly does Boston Center have their radio transmitters. I am in Nashua, NH and I can't pick up any of the Boston ARTCC controllers with my scanner.


I'm not sure where the Center keeps their equipment (might be able to find out on all-knowing Google), but, as far as the ability to hear transmissions, it has to do with line-of-sight -- airband frequencies require a somewhat direct line between the tranmitter and receiver, and is susceptible to interference.  So, the antenna almost always has line-of-sight to planes in the air, but any number of things can mess with transmissions from people on the ground (heavy equipment, power lines, weather, etc.)

The Center transmitters are quite spread out.

This is an old list but it hasn't changed much:

This is a map of all high/low sectors with paired mil freqs from FAA

thanks for your input :-)


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