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Alberto MB:
Good afternoon, I wanted to tell you about Anchorage FIR control, I've seen that Ancorage Center (misc) only heard approach control and departures, and I wanted to tell you if someone from Alaska could provide the following coverage shown on this map: Sector 68,4, 10/11/9 and Anchorage Artic (64) and oceanic:  (page 4 sector map)

Here is a list of frequencies:

Thank you! It would be interesting to hear those areas!

Sector 64 is not implemented yet...anything above Lat 72 has no radar coverage so they only use Sector 04.
10/11 is mainly Oceanic and has limited radar coverage.
the sixty sectors are for flights above FL280.
If you are wanting to listen to those sectors, it'll be difficult since most them are not monitored on LiveATC.

Alberto MB:
Thank you for your answer, but I have a question, I know you are using the CDPDLC, but in the oceanic part you do not use the HF ¿in sector 10/11 and 64 to ask for position? I hope that someone contributes more coverage in the areas that can be of Alaska is a site quite trafficked by freighters and a lot of activity or monitor the VHF and HF of all sectors


--- Quote ---I've seen that Ancorage Center (misc) only heard approach control and departures
--- End quote ---

The Anchorage Center (misc) feed is monitoring the Center frequencies, as advertised as far as I can tell, covering Sectors 05, 06, 07, 14.

You can hear the Sector 69/Homer controller on the "ZAN Anchorage Ctr (Homer/High)" radio. On the overnight shift 69 is combined with sectors 68 and 63, so covering a large area and busy at times.

Sector 04 used to be covered on the "PASC CTAF/Unicom/AFIS/App" feed. Although it's still listed, for some reason unfortunately it does not seem to be on there anymore ? On the overnight shift they would combine  04 with 15 and 16. Would be nice to have that one back on.

--- Quote ---but in the oceanic part you do not use the HF ¿in sector 10/11 and 64 to ask for position?
--- End quote ---

Sector 64 is covered by Gander Radio on 4675, 8891, 11279. Although in VHF range it's not uncommon to hear traffic transiting sector 10/11 come up on HF San Francisco ARINC for a selcal check, on 5628, 6655, 10048, 13339, 17946.

As they are using CPDLC in the Oceanic sectors, not sure how much you would hear on 10/11 voice frequencies anyway ?


Alberto MB:
To my knowledge, 11279/8891 are the polar, which only control the part of Canada and entering through Edmonton FIR to connect with VHF, I have been a good time with those frequencies and I never heard an airplane through that sector only by the trained pole toward Canada , in any case Anchorage Artic has its own frequencies in the pdf that I left a radar of the center there, yesterday I was watching a conference of a Spanish pilot, who flew by sector 10/11 from Shanghai to ANC, commented that they hardly used the radio, use the cdpdlc and only the hf to give frequency

Here I leave a photo where all the polar control centers are:


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